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The Guiding Stick is an excellent tool to assist cargo handling operations, offering in many cases a safer environment with the use of this tool. Through our consultancy with clients, we have identified many unsafe conditions present in cargo handling operations, mainly weakened by the lack of operating procedures, good operating practices and lack of knowledge. We found that the occupational safety sector is able to identify the risk of the operator near the cargo, but they do not have any solution or resources to avoid this contact. Thus, through the Guiding Stick, this is now possible. The proximity of the operators to suspended loads means that they are within the range of action of the load if they ever come off the equipment, such as:


  • Unexpected stoppage of the equipment;
  • Breakage of lifting devices (load bars, tongs, etc.);
  • Breakage of slings and accessories (steel cable ties, chains, straps, etc.);
  • Mechanical failure;
  • Lack of brake;
  • External interference (people circulating in restricted areas, as an example);
  • Climate change (winds);


In certain work environments, the location where the operator performs their duty has several obstacles on the floor, where they are unable to have enough time to evacuate the site in the event of a problem with the load, such as in places where there is a stacking of parts and dispatch material.


Another important factor that must be analyzed is the shape of the part, temperature and risks of cuts with sharp edges. The proximity of operators in these conditions should be avoided as much as possible. Thus determining a safe range of action for a suspended part is essential to indicate to the operator where they should be when handling a load.


Another factor that draws our attention when it comes to handling a lifted load is where the practice of using the hands makes the operator stay in contact with the load and within its radius of action, and there may be serious accidents in this type of activity. The use of the Guiding Stick is essential to provide a barrier between the operator and the suspended load, offering a safe distance and hand protection.


For those customers who are seeking ISO 45001 certification, the use of the Guiding Stick is essential, focusing on the efficiency of the equipment: 6.1.2 - “The organization must establish, implement and maintain a process to assess OH&S risks related to the identified hazards, taking into account the effectiveness of existing controls.


The products manufactured by AGMOV are personalized and meet the requirements of the risk control hierarchy, focusing on the elimination of hazards, finding solutions for activities with simple and effective products.


The use of AGMOV’s products provides many opportunities for OSH improvement, assisting in the prevention of injuries, offering measurable resources for eliminating the risks of activities, promoting an elevation of the preventive culture with the participation of workers, presenting evidence of continuous process improvement.


Written by:

Gustavo Cassiolato

Technical Director at Rigging Brasil