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Grab Tube Handle

The Grab Tube Handle was developed to offer safety in the manual handling of several models of tubes (PVC, steel, aluminum, and copper, among others), offering adequate fitting for each diameter, fixing with the load's own weight, guaranteeing the adequate fixation of the load in the device.

It features a suitable opening for hand fixation, eliminating the risk of pressing of hands and fingers, offering high worker performance and biomechanical stress.

The working format and the equipment configuration allow for the alignment of the hand and forearm during gripping efforts, featuring a specific handle to offer comfort in the manual transport of the load.

The equipment's structure is made of steel and features a rubber layer in contact with the load to promote greater friction (adhesion) and prevent material damage such as scratches and deformations.

Available sizes:

Tube 8”


Tube 10”


Tube 12”


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