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Since the beginning of 2016, SOLUÇÕES USIMINAS (Guarulhos -São Roque unit) in partnership with AGMOV has been developing a Safe Load Handling work. This project relies on the implementation of the use of Guiding Sticks during the movement of the suspended load, thus avoiding the need for the operator to touch it with their hands when performing any activity of this sort.


The Project was initiated by the Occupational Safety Sector (by Mr. Elias and Mr. Geber - technicians in Occupational Safety) who saw in the devices the possibility of eliminating the proximity of operators to cargo, thus suggesting the implementation. After some time and results analysis, the use of Guiding Sticks has become part of the routine and, consequently, safety during cargo handling has increased considerably. It is common to hear from operators that they feel safer when using the Guiding Sticks.


It is known that there is a law in Brazil that says operators can not be close to lifted loads that might hurt them without the use of a protection device, which can be found in the texts of NRs 12; 18; 29; 34, in addition to NBR 15637 and NBR 13541, for example. The use has been replicated for other units such as Taubaté and Água Rasa (SP), Santa Luzia and Betim (MG), Porto Alegre (RS), Suape (PE), etc.


“In recent years, we have done a very strong job in terms of protecting the hands of our employees at Soluções Usiminas plants. With this, we were able to achieve very expressive results, for example, the Guarulhos plant has not recorded any accidents related to hands for over 3 years. This result is directly linked to changes in behavior and changes in operating procedures with the use of Guiding Sticks. Employees are finding a new alternative for carrying out activities so as not to expose their hands in risky areas.”


Nowadays, Soluções Usiminas uses several models of Guiding Sticks and Heads, each of which was developed for a specific activity. Always looking for safe and ergonomic work, this partnership is growing every day with new solutions developments.


Soluções Usiminas, always thinking about the safety and health of its workers.