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When carrying out security analysis and verification, it is necessary to consider the disposal of materials, storage when they are not in use, and the performance of specific cleaning for each type of waste generated.


This type of gathering is included in the mapping of occupational risks, a basic safety action that must be carried out regularly, by external consultants, or by the professional responsible for eliminating risks.


Organizing the environment so that there are no occurrences related to falls, punctures and other injuries, is a preventive attitude that reflects in the creation of measures. It serves as a stimulus and alert to workers, assisting in the elaboration of programs and installation of occupational improvement projects, implementing measures proposed by the safety management.


One of the factors that must be taken into account is the workers' assessment of the environment. In the 1960s, a study was carried out by Italian trade unionism, which raised these opinions. The measure is currently used and known as the "Italian Worker Model". In this work model, any question to be investigated or implemented, must pass through the workers who work in the functions, and it is up to them to carry out the evaluation of the improvements implemented.


Basic principles taken for this type of implementation are:


- Ability of the worker to carry out the reported activity;

- Knowledge to consider the applicability of new measures;

- Expertise to carry out detailed observation of what will be changed;

- Consensus of the group so that all positions are reached by the new projects.



Does your company currently have a safety policy based on these principles, aimed at eliminating less potential accidents?


Considering that there is no activity that does not involve a minimum risk, it is necessary to invest in plans for storage and organization of the environment. Purchasing materials that improve the condition and promote work organization, in addition to safety, also offers greater efficiency. The search for a material to be used in the middle of a disordered environment, causes the worker to decrease his productivity.


One of the solutions that can be used for this type of task is the Carro Suporte para Lingas


Designed to assist in the storage of slings, chains and other accessories used in the cargo handling process.


It allows a direct connection of the equipment, in an easier and safer way, by means of the eyebolt fitting of the slings.