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When it comes to cargo handling, the term safety at work should be the first thing to come to mind, because moving something with such weight or in such complicated situations can cause great damage. That is why we at Agmov, based on technical standards, developed the Guiding Sticks! They are devices created to bring more safety for the operator. We have a wide variety of sticks, each one with a different characteristic, reaching most of the current demands.


Our different models can be manufactured in fiberglass, aluminum or carbon fiber; depending on the customer's needs and the type of operation where the stick will be used. Some of the activities that benefit from its use: Handling of metallic cargo, positioning of stumps and wooden bundles, offshore line operations, exchange of lamps, cuts in the bottom of big bags, and so on.


In addition to the models already developed, we have the option for the customer to request a specific model of stick that does not exist in our catalog. With this opportunity to create fully customized services, we can better avoid risky operations.


Check out some of our Guiding Sticks:


Guiding Stick | Haste Única

The Haste Unica Guiding Stick was developed to carry out more robust operations during load handling. With a more
resistant tube in Alloy aluminum, it attends operations as: load handling, adjusting of lifting devices, picking up metal chips, etc.




Guiding Sticks | Pinça HD

The Agmov Pinça Hd Guiding Stick model was created to perform activities where great accuracy is required. With specially designed tweezers,

its use is indicated to pick up small parts, as well as to direct loads or take the lifting device off of the load, in addition to being part of the HD line, it is extremely recommended for more robust activities.



Guiding Stick | On/Off CG

Agmov's On/Off Guiding Stick is designed to safely handle loads.
This model works with a permanent neodymium magnet and a trigger, which makes it easy to disconnect the stick from the load.